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Can I Still Get Hybridge Dental Implants with Bone Loss?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker04/20/2024

Dr. Walker at Leon Springs Dental Center offers Hybridge dental implants to create successful results, even for patients with significant bone loss.


How Should I Prepare for Oral Surgery?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker03/10/2024

Leon Springs Dental Center offers a supportive and comprehensive approach to oral surgery, ensuring patients are well-prepared and comfortable.


Can Dental Bonding and Contouring Fix Chipped Teeth?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker02/19/2024

Leon Springs Dental Center offers dental bonding and contouring to correct chipped teeth and restore the function and appearance of your smile.


Do Hybridge Dental Implants Require Special Care and Maintenance?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker01/27/2024

Leon Springs Dental Center provides care for Hybridge dental implants, emphasizing the importance of routine care and specialized hygiene practices.


What Dental or Facial Trauma Requires Oral Surgery?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker12/18/2023

Leon Springs Dental Center offers oral surgery for dental and facial trauma, providing care and restoration for several complex injuries.


What Dental Issues Can Be Improved with ClearCorrect Aligners?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker11/10/2023

Explore how ClearCorrect aligners at Leon Springs Dental Center can address a range of dental issues, from minor gaps to complex conditions.


How Do Hybridge Dental Implants Compare to Traditional Dentures?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker10/09/2023

Discover the benefits of Hybridge dental implants and traditional dentures at Leon Springs Dental Center to rejuvenate your smile.


How Many Shades Whiter Can My Teeth Get with Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker09/03/2023

Learn how many shades lighter your teeth can get with professional teeth whitening treatment at Leon Springs Dental Center in San Antonio, TX.


What Happens if A Wisdom Tooth is Impacted?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker08/10/2023

Explore impacted wisdom tooth symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment at Leon Springs Dental Center with Carolyn B. Walker, DDS.


How Long Can Hybridge Dental Implants Last?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker07/31/2023

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker offers Hybridge dental implants, a durable, long-lasting dental solution to enhance your smile and boost your confidence.


Transform the Appearance of Your Smile with Smile Makeover Treatment

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker06/20/2023

Revitalize the appearance and health of your smile with comprehensive smile makeover treatment at Leon Springs Dental Center in San Antonio, TX.


How to Know if You Need Oral Surgery

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker05/16/2023

Learn when oral surgery is necessary and how it can benefit your overall oral health.


Can Hybridge Dental Implants Restore Chewing Ability?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker04/21/2023

Restore chewing ability and achieve a fuller, natural-looking smile with Hybridge dental implants.


Three Dental Imperfections Improved with Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker03/24/2023

Conceal common dental imperfections and improve your oral health with porcelain veneers.


How to Know if You Need a Dental Crown

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker02/23/2023

Review this guide to dental restorations to better understand if a dental crown may be right for you.


We are excited to announce we are offering IN Network benefits, with Most plans.

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker01/23/2023

Now offering In Network Benefits with most Insurance Companies.


How Can Patients Prepare for Oral Surgery?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker01/21/2023

You can prepare for oral surgery in multiple different ways. Keep reading to learn more.


How Long is the Process for Hybridge Dental Implants?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker12/15/2022

Hybridge dental implants require a shorter process than traditional alternatives, possibly just 2 – 16 weeks.


Could My Teeth be Sensitive After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker11/22/2022

Temporary sensitivity after tooth-whitening is more likely to occur after using store-bought (OTC), nonprofessional whiteners.


What Can a Dentist do About Permanent Tooth Loss?

Dr. Carolyn B. Walker10/29/2022

If you have lost your permanent tooth, then you’ll want to consider replacement using a partial denture, implant, or bridge.

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