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Snoring is very common, but if it has become a nuisance in your life, there is a treatment available for you at our San Antonio, TX office. Snoring happens when the air passes through and vibrates on the relaxed tissues on your soft palate (the back muscular roof part of your mouth). As we naturally age or when we gain weight, the soft palate tissues become more relaxed. This causes more vibration, meaning that snoring is a common occurrence. Solea Snore Therapy works by using low-laser energy to tighten and stiffen the collagen in your soft palate to decrease the vibrations. For more information on this treatment, contact us at Leon Springs Dental Center to schedule an appointment.

Solea Snore Therapy is a quick, noninvasive treatment that can provide you relief from your snoring. The Solea laser uses extremely low energy to lightly graze your soft palate. This action then tightens and stiffens the soft palate. Once this procedure is done, you will experience less snoring and will be able to enjoy your rest. It is completed all in one single visit and is a quick solution for your needs. Commonly, our San Antonio patients remark on how their airways feel clear and open immediately following treatment. If you believe you'd benefit from this treatment, schedule an appointment at Leon Springs Dental Center.

Best staff on the planet.

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Dr Walker, Dr Lima, Dr Diaz and the entire staff are the best in the San Antonio area. Always courteous and ready to meet all your dental needs. I highly recommend Leon Springs Dental Center. CM

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Nice staff, excellent dental care. Always a pleasure

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Extremely friendly and professional staff! Very satisfied!!

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I would like to start out by saying the Leon Springs Dental Center was by far the best experience I’ve ever encountered. The office reached out to set an appointment for some old fillings that needed to be replaced. This office has a professional and comprehensive system to where they email all your documents for e-sign before arrival. Furthermore, they use a new innovative laser procedure that allows their dentists to perform the tasks without needles or numbing medication. Doctor Diaz, and her assistant Sarah, were very informative throughout the process and worked quickly to my surprise. I was able to head right back to work with no hesitation. I would highly recommend this office for all of your future dental needs!

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If you're been searching for a solution to your snoring, schedule an appointment at Leon Springs Dental Center. Our noninvasive treatment will have you enjoying your sleep with one small appointment. Get the relief you need today when you contact our dental team. Visit our office in San Antonio, TX for more information.

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