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Teeth that have been weakened by significant damage or tooth decay are fixed with a dental crown. Our state-of-the-art facility proudly offers crowns to San Antonio, TX men and women to cover and support the visible portion of a damaged tooth while also restoring its normal appearance and function. Crown restorations are designed to blend beautifully with your other teeth and could be performed to treat teeth that are fractured, decayed, oddly shaped, or from other types of structural damage. Crowns could also be combined into an appliance to function as a bridge or bonded to individual implants to treat teeth that have been lost. Schedule an appointment with our dental team at Leon Springs Dental Center to decide whether a custom-made dental crown can improve the health and aesthetics of your smile.

At Leon Springs Dental Center, we understand the self-consciousness and lack of use of missing or damaged teeth. We provide dental crowns as an option for our San Antonio, TX individuals who are hoping to enjoy many benefits after this appointment, including:

  • More comfort and ease of talking, chewing, and expression
  • Simple, individualized procedure that requires very little recovery
  • Restored use and look of teeth and mouth
  • Longitudinal outcomes that will keep patients happy for years in the future

The dental crown procedure for San Antonio, TX individuals typically takes place within two stages. During the initial visit, one of our talented dental experts will anesthetize the treatment area and may offer sedation dentistry solutions to enhance your comfort. Once the damaged portion is cleared away, an impression of the prepared tooth will be completed. A temporary restoration will be positioned over your tooth to allow for function and a lifelike aesthetic appeal throughout the time your customized restoration is being constructed. You will visit Leon Springs Dental Center 1 – 2 weeks afterward to have the interim crown taken off and the new dental restoration bonded to the tooth or dental implant.

At the end of the procedure, your new crown will be adjusted to ensure it feels comfortable in your mouth. Our team will talk to you about the best way to care for your crown and demonstrate proper flossing and brushing practices. During your biannual dental exams at our San Antonio, TX office, one of our dentists will track the condition of your dental crown along with your comprehensive oral health. When cared for properly, a dental crown can help preserve your tooth for years. In the instance that your custom restoration ever becomes dislodged or is no longer attached to your tooth, it's best to call Leon Springs Dental Center for help right away. Trying to repair or glue it back on yourself may result in damage to your crown and tooth.

When your dental crown has been placed, it will be smoothed as needed to ensure your bite is even. One of our staff members will talk to you about the best way to care for your custom restoration and demonstrate effective home care practices. During your biannual exams at our San Antonio, TX facility, one of our professionals will monitor the condition of your restoration and your general oral health. When taken care of properly, a dental restoration can help preserve the health of your tooth for many years. In the instance that your dental crown ever becomes dislodged or completely falls off, it is best to get in touch with Leon Springs Dental Center for assistance as soon as possible. Attempting to fix or glue it back on yourself could cause damage to your dental crown and tooth.

Amazing dental office that I now consider my regular dentist. Thorough, considerate and very professional, great team!

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We have gone to many dentists in the past, even a family member, and this is by far the best experience we have had. Office staff is amandine and the dentists and hygienists are kind and caring

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The sweetest people work here. I have been terrified of the dentist forever from bad experiences before so i came into this appointment with a lot of fear and although i still would rather not be at the dentist the staff was so amazing and made me feel comfortable the whole time.

I.H. Google

Highly recommended Definitely a group of professional team

R.G. Google

I have been in great hands with Dr. Walker and her staff since I first started with them over 5 years ago. Everything from the customer service, genuine care, communication, patience, and even their charitable works was been top notch and very comforting throughout my time with them. If you are reading these reviews, you are probably looking for a dentist. Stop scrolling and book an appointment. You have found what you are looking for. 💯

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Tooth decay, damaged teeth, and other types of conditions may be best addressed with a dental crown from our San Antonio, TX facility. This type of restoration may help protect your tooth from further damage while offering your normal functional abilities and a healthy-looking quality for your tooth. Call Leon Springs Dental Center to reserve a treatment consult with our dental professionals and find out if a dental crown or another restorative solution is ideal for your smile.

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How much is a dental crown?

The price of a dental crown in San Antonio, TX may depend on certain considerations, such as how many crowns you need and whether any additional treatments will be performed. During a consultation at Leon Springs Dental Center, Dr. Walker will go over your treatment plan and provide an estimate for you. She offers a loyalty program, as well as, low-cost financing options to help make the treatment more affordable to those who need it.

How long do dental crowns last?

Dental crowns are durable restorations provided at Leon Springs Dental Center that can endure for many years with adequate care. On average, dental crowns can last approximately 5 – 15 years. Routine dental exams and cleanings in San Antonio, TX, along with maintaining good oral hygiene habits can contribute to the longevity of your dental crown.

Do dental crowns hurt?

Getting a dental crown at Leon Springs Dental Center by Dr. Walker does not typically cause pain. Before placing the crown, the tooth will be numbed using local anesthesia to ensure you stay comfortable during the process. You may experience some mild discomfort or sensitivity after the anesthesia wears off, but this is usually temporary and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. 

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