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The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is the spot where your jaw connects to your skull to allow you to open and close your jaw easily. Sometimes the joint is injured or damaged, resulting in a painful condition called temporomandibular joint disorder or dysfunction (TMD). If you are experiencing pain or hearing noises when you open your jaw, schedule a consultation with our dental team to determine if you have TMD. At Leon Springs Dental Center in San Antonio, TX, we use innovative equipment to diagnose and care for your TMD to alleviate symptoms. Your TMJ therapy will be based on the cause of your TMD and your specific condition, but a few options are oral appliances (mouth guards or night guards), bite alteration, dental restorations, and more.

To diagnose TMD, we will listen carefully to understand your concerns prior to a physical exam. During the examination, we will assess how your jaw moves and search for indications of teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and misalignment of your teeth. We will also palpate the jawbone and surrounding area for any swelling and tenderness. We might want to have digital x-rays of your lower head along with an analysis of your bite to look for underlying factors that could determine your treatment method. Depending on the examination, we will go over your treatment choices that may incorporate a mouth guard, orthodontics, or dental restorations (crowns, bridges, and dentures).

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Dr Walker, Dr Lima, Dr Diaz and the entire staff are the best in the San Antonio area. Always courteous and ready to meet all your dental needs. I highly recommend Leon Springs Dental Center. CM

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Nice staff, excellent dental care. Always a pleasure

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Extremely friendly and professional staff! Very satisfied!!

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I would like to start out by saying the Leon Springs Dental Center was by far the best experience I’ve ever encountered. The office reached out to set an appointment for some old fillings that needed to be replaced. This office has a professional and comprehensive system to where they email all your documents for e-sign before arrival. Furthermore, they use a new innovative laser procedure that allows their dentists to perform the tasks without needles or numbing medication. Doctor Diaz, and her assistant Sarah, were very informative throughout the process and worked quickly to my surprise. I was able to head right back to work with no hesitation. I would highly recommend this office for all of your future dental needs!

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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain can make it tough to eat, talk, and enjoy your day-to-day life. Since there are lots of possible causes, symptoms, and solutions to treat temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), schedule an appointment at our San Antonio, TX office. We will perform a detailed examination prior to your diagnosis and talk about treatment options. Get in touch with Leon Springs Dental Center to get more information and make an appointment.

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