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At a time when looks are very important, we know why the appearance of your smile is a major cosmetic concern. Fortunately, Leon Springs Dental Center in San Antonio, TX is able to help you tackle this dilemma with professional-grade teeth whitening. Though there are tons of grocery store whitening choices, we use a product that has shown to be superior to most over-the-counter treatments currently offered. Our whitening treatments will whiten your teeth by several shades, helping you keep your amazing results for much longer than alternative products. We use professional-strength gels that really do the job, reaching beneath the surface of the teeth to remove deep stains, as opposed to consumer-level solutions that just scratch the surface and provide a brighter hue of yellow at the very best.

At Leon Springs Dental Center, teeth whitening provides several perks for San Antonio, TX individuals who would like to get a whiter, more self-assured a more intense, bright smile. A handful of the benefits of teeth whitening entail:

  • Improves your look by removing stains and discoloration caused by food, aging, and drinks
  • Improves overall self-confidence
  • Delivers a youthful and more gorgeous smile
  • Can help you appear more pleasant and approachable
  • Sparks a self-assured initial impression in social and professional scenarios
  • Clears challenging stains that cannot be improved with regular brushing
  • Can be customized to achieve the level of whitening you desire
  • Often delivers recognizable outcomes following only a single treatment

When debating the pros and cons of professional strength vs. over-the-counter whitening solutions, you ought to consider what you are really trying to achieve. If your smile has been white your whole life and has just recently started to yellow, a grocery-store-purchased whitening kit might produce acceptable temporary results. When your teeth have deeper stains, however, you might be an ideal candidate for professional-strength, in-office teeth whitening at Leon Springs Dental Center. Many prime candidates who are troubled by stained teeth often are regular red wine and coffee or tea drinkers or use tobacco products. If you would like home touch-ups, Dr. Walker may also provide professional-grade at-home customized trays which can be used in conjunction with our whitening gels for upkeep.

What to expect for your whitening appointments is dependent upon the method chosen to best fit your smile. Since our practice in San Antonio, TX provides several options for successful and high-quality teeth whitening, the process selected for you will be determined after a consultation where your goals and lifestyle will be discussed and taken into consideration. In the majority of cases, your professional teeth whitening treatments will be completed in less than one hour through the use of a prescription-strength whitening gel, along with the help of a light system that quickly whitens the teeth by several colors. Our at-home systems are also effective but may offer a more subtle result over a few months. Schedule an appointment at Leon Springs Dental Center to learn more.

Amazing dental office that I now consider my regular dentist. Thorough, considerate and very professional, great team!

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We have gone to many dentists in the past, even a family member, and this is by far the best experience we have had. Office staff is amandine and the dentists and hygienists are kind and caring

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The sweetest people work here. I have been terrified of the dentist forever from bad experiences before so i came into this appointment with a lot of fear and although i still would rather not be at the dentist the staff was so amazing and made me feel comfortable the whole time.

I.H. Google

Highly recommended Definitely a group of professional team

R.G. Google

I have been in great hands with Dr. Walker and her staff since I first started with them over 5 years ago. Everything from the customer service, genuine care, communication, patience, and even their charitable works was been top notch and very comforting throughout my time with them. If you are reading these reviews, you are probably looking for a dentist. Stop scrolling and book an appointment. You have found what you are looking for. 💯

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Whitening may offer fast and dramatic improvements to your teeth and very possibly your overall look. In case you have been considering a teeth whitening program but are not sure whether professional or at-home options are the proper alternative, we urge you to schedule a consultation with our team in San Antonio, TX to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of each procedure before you make your decision. Call us at Leon Springs Dental Center for more information.

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Can teeth whitening damage enamel?
At Leon Springs Dental Center, we ensure teeth whitening that does not impact the integrity of your teeth. We provide optimal whitening options that are safe for your enamel. During a thorough consultation at our facility, we will evaluate your teeth and determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.
Is teeth whitening permanent?
Results from teeth whitening can last for a long time. However, they are not permanent, and touch-up treatments may be needed to maintain your results. It is also advised that you do not consume or limit staining liquids or foods, such as red wine or coffee, to help your outcome last as long as possible.
How often can I whiten my teeth?
The amount of time between teeth whitening treatments can vary from patient to patient. It can be dependent on the current condition of your teeth and the results of your previous whitening treatment. At Leon Springs Dental Center, we can let you know the best time to schedule an additional whitening treatment to maintain your beautiful smile.
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