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Teeth grinding at night, also known as bruxism, is a common problem that affects many people. Even though the most recognizable symptom is wear on the surface of the teeth, nocturnal bruxism can also lead to tooth pain, headaches, and inflammation, as well as discomfort in your neck and jaw. To protect your mouth against these effects of bruxism, our team provides custom night guards that defend your mouth while you rest. Custom night guards are made with high-quality materials that fit comfortably and help improve the quality of your sleep by reducing jaw clenching and teeth grinding. To hear more about custom night guards at Leon Springs Dental Center, schedule an appointment at our San Antonio, TX office.

After our team makes your bruxism diagnosis, we will take impressions and digital x-rays of your mouth to create your custom night guard. Leon Springs Dental Center will send your specifications to a dental laboratory where your specialized night guard will be crafted from the best materials. After your night guard is sent back to our office, you will come in to have it fitted. Our team may make small adjustments so your night guard fits correctly. You will also be given specific instructions on how to properly care for your night guard so it lasts a long time.

Amazing dental office that I now consider my regular dentist. Thorough, considerate and very professional, great team!

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We have gone to many dentists in the past, even a family member, and this is by far the best experience we have had. Office staff is amandine and the dentists and hygienists are kind and caring

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The sweetest people work here. I have been terrified of the dentist forever from bad experiences before so i came into this appointment with a lot of fear and although i still would rather not be at the dentist the staff was so amazing and made me feel comfortable the whole time.

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Highly recommended Definitely a group of professional team

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I have been in great hands with Dr. Walker and her staff since I first started with them over 5 years ago. Everything from the customer service, genuine care, communication, patience, and even their charitable works was been top notch and very comforting throughout my time with them. If you are reading these reviews, you are probably looking for a dentist. Stop scrolling and book an appointment. You have found what you are looking for. 💯

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Teeth grinding can lead to discomfort and pain in a variety of ways. Night guards are a way to diminish the fatigue caused by the unpleasant side effects of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Customized night guards from Leon Springs Dental Center can also benefit the overall health of your mouth and ward off future complications. If you think night guards may be the solution you seek or you want to learn more, contact our staff in San Antonio, TX to book an appointment.

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Should night guards be on the top or bottom teeth?

A top or bottom night guard is just a matter of preference. The fact of the matter is as long as their is a night guard in between your teeth, they will be protected from grinding and clenching. If you're unsure which you might prefer, ask our staff and we'd be happy to help you find the right decision.

Will my dental insurance cover the cost of a night guard?

In most cases, yes. As long as our staff deems a night guard medically necessary for you, your dental insurance will usually cover all or at least a portion of its cost.

Should night guards be hard or soft?

Night guards should always be hard. This permits the lower teeth to slide around freely when the lower jaw moves. Soft night guards, on the other hand, can often actually make the existing issues worse as well as contribute to new ones.

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