Could My Teeth be Sensitive After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

By: Dr. Carolyn B. Walker


Tooth-whitening products are a multi-billion dollar industry. And store shelves are overflowing with various options that all promise to give you a dazzling smile. But why go through the hassle of choosing between countless variants, when none offer the professional-grade, clinically backed results of in-office whitening?

Additionally, OTC whiteners are less likely to give you the results you desire. Plus, they may cause unwanted side effects, including increased tooth sensitivity.

So, we're thrilled to offer you our time-tested whitening solutions. Professional tooth whitening minimizes the risk of side effects, such as sensitive teeth. It can also provide a polish and sheen unmatched by store-bought brands. And, of course, you also benefit from the experience and detail-attentive, compassionate care of Dr. Carolyn B. Walker.

So, if you'd like whiter teeth that dazzle and are likely to leave an enviable first impression, please get in touch with us today at Leon Springs Dental Center in San Antonio, TX.

Could my teeth be sensitive after a tooth-whitening treatment?

Sensitivity is a potential side effect of various whitening options, generally of the store-bought persuasion. The sensitivity is caused by the bleaching solutions used to whiten teeth. These solutions work by removing material (for example, the substances causing stains and discoloration) from the teeth to provide a more brilliant sheen.

However, this process may temporarily remove minerals from the teeth's enamel, exposing the more sensitive structures beneath. But you shouldn't let this deter you from a tooth-whitening treatment because this sensitivity is more often associated with off-the-shelf, nonprofessional products.

Fortunately, our medical-grade, clinically proven whitening strategies are of professional make and makeup. And our experienced dentists have treated countless past patients, helping them realize the dazzling smile of their dreams. So we're thrilled to customize a tailored plan to help you enjoy optimal whitening effects given your unique aspects, including dental health and lifestyle factors.

What will my whitening appointment include?

We have multiple whitening options for patients of all dental types. Yet your specific treatment will vary since no two patients have identical needs. Generally, teeth whitening should be completed in less than an hour and consist of a prescription-strength gel. Once the gel is applied to the teeth, we amplify your results by shining a dental light on it to fully activate its stain-removing, brightening potency.

Afterward, you're free to go about your day, but with a significant difference: your teeth can be whiter by up to several shades. And for those patients seeking at-home improvements, we have whitening systems that you can take with you and use at your leisure. However, these at-home results tend to be subtler and typically take a few months.

Call us today for a brighter smile tomorrow

Looks can be important. Not just to make a great first impression but also to boost our confidence and fill us with satisfaction when we glance at our smile in the mirror. And, since our teeth are the first thing many people notice, there's almost no better way to improve your aesthetics than with a pearly grin.

But lots of lifestyle factors can lead to our teeth being yellower than we'd like. Fortunately, Dr. Carolyn B. Walker specializes in full-spectrum dental service. And one of the most sought-after services is professional-grade tooth whitening, which can remove stains and discoloration to whiten your smile by up to several shades in a single appointment in San Antonio, TX. And those great results can be yours if you get in touch with us at Leon Springs Dental Center.

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