How Long is the Process for Hybridge Dental Implants?

By: Dr. Carolyn B. Walker


Carolyn B. Walker, DDS, and our experienced doctors are excited to offer our patients a full spectrum of restorative dentistry options in San Antonio, TX. Hybridge dental implants are among the most advanced and effective techniques to replace an entire lower or upper arch, or a complete set of teeth. For those missing teeth or suffering dental decay or injury, this may provide an excellent treatment that provides a natural look, beautifying your smile while also correcting various functional concerns, including speech or chewing difficulties.

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Am I a candidate for Hybridge dental implants? What are the benefits?

Hybridge dental implants could be an exceptional option for patients with tooth decay or with one or more missing teeth. It is also ideal for patients seeking a long-lasting fixture or those having trouble with their dentures.

One potential limiting factor is the status of the jawbone. Fortunately, those with insufficient existing bone to support the implants may still benefit, as we'll first perform a bone grafting procedure to bolster bone density and strength in the jaw.

The resultant advantages are many. Hybridge implants are a simple way to transform your smile by replacing multiple damaged, decayed, or missing teeth with a single, cohesive unit rather than individual synthetic teeth. This comprehensive approach offers a cost-effective and long-term way to enjoy an enhanced set of pearly whites.

The result is a natural-looking smile that's as functional as it is aesthetic and can correct a range of chewing or speech difficulties while improving daily comfort.

How long is the process for Hybridge dental implants?

If it's decided that Hybridge dental implants are the optimal treatment avenue for you, the procedure is relatively straightforward. It involves placing the implants, which are generally made of titanium and resemble the roots of your natural teeth, into the jawbone.

We begin with a comprehensive examination of your teeth and other dental tissues to craft natural-looking implants to give you a beautiful smile. And to ensure that everything fits comfortably, we'll perform a CT scan of your jaw.

A CT scan offers an exceptionally detailed view of the various dental structures because it utilizes a collection of x-rays from different angles, integrated to form a three-dimensional view of every part of the mouth. And by ascertaining the exact location of the nerves and sinuses, we'll be able to place your implants with your comfort (and best bite) in mind.

Speed is another advantage offered by Hybridge dental implants – while other implants may take many months, possibly half a year or more, to complete, Hybridge implants can be done in as little as two weeks. However, the typical treatment time for someone receiving a full restoration is usually about 16 weeks, which is still an expedited timeline compared to other implant options.

Your time frame depends on numerous factors, including your oral health and dental structure.

Enjoy a spectacular smile with Hybridge dental implants

Our expert team at Leon Springs Dental Center is excited to help give you the smile you've always wanted. And that may be easier than ever, thanks to the comprehensive, transformative capabilities of Hybridge dental implants.

Seeking to enhance your smile or fix dental issues such as an improper bite, speech difficulties, or daily discomfort? If so, Hybridge implants could be just the choice to improve your smile and help your confidence soar. Contact us today to explore your options with Carolyn B. Walker, DDS, in San Antonio, TX.

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