Most Common Dental Emergencies and What to Do When You Face Them


Dental emergencies require quick responses. In situations like this, contacting your emergency dentist in San Antonio, TX, on time with the description of the emergency can potentially save a tooth from dying. We surely couldn't expect what life brings us; thus, knowing who to turn to in times like this is crucial.

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Examples of Dental Emergencies and What to Do with Them 

Teeth Injury 

Teeth injury includes trauma to the teeth or the jaw that holds them. Trauma may cause the teeth to be loosened up or removed. In this case, go directly to your emergency dentist so they can restore the tooth (or teeth) as it was before the injury. 

Knocked-out Tooth 

A knocked-out tooth requires immediate action in the first two hours after the accident to be able to save the tooth. When your tooth got knocked out, make sure to hold it by its crown and not its roots. Rinse it with saline running water to remove debris or blood. If you don’t have saline water, you can place it inside a container with the patient’s saliva or milk as you rush to see your dentist. If possible, you can also put it back into where it used to be and hold it into place.

Intense Toothache 

An intense toothache – whether sudden or recurring – may mean a serious issue, like tooth decay or infection.  Unfortunately, some patients would only visit their dentist once they experience throbbing and not when there’s only some slight discomfort or mild pain. While painkillers may help ease the pain, this should not be the end all be all in dealing with the problem. They only mask the discomfort. They don’t treat the cause. 

Painkillers only offer short-term solutions to what may seem like a deep-seated dental complication, so it’s best to see your emergency dentist for the needed treatment. Although the aching may stop because of medication, the root of the problem would still need to be assessed by your dentist and solved through a dental procedure. 


An abscess is usually due to a severe infection that has attacked the roots of your teeth or the space in between the gums and teeth. This is rather serious and when left untreated, may cause greater problems and may spread out to other parts of the body.

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Contact Your Emergency Dentist in San Antonio, TX, for a Dental Emergency 

Dental emergencies oblige you to think fast and act fast. When a dental emergency arises, you should know the best to go to. At Leon Springs Dental Center, our doors are always open for situations needing immediate steps. We value the importance of each tooth, and we always go the extra mile to save each one. 

Facing a dental emergency may be traumatic and scary for patients, but we make sure to give you the best dental care to assure you everything’s going to be all right. Contact us today so you’d know how to come to us when you need our service during the most unexpected times.

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