The Worst Foods and Drink for Your Teeth


As the song goes, you're never fully dressed without a smile. Our teeth are some of the best assets we can present to the world, and as such, we have to care for them. We've been told time and time again that brushing and flossing our teeth regularly helps protect them. If we don’t, then we might be seeing an implant dentist in San Antonio sooner than we expect. 

However, we also need to consider the food and drink we consume that contribute to their decay. Plaque is a glutinous film of bacteria that forms around our teeth, and when we eat, the sugars trigger the bacteria to release acid, which then proceeds to break down the enamel, creating cavities. 

Everyone, young and old, is susceptible to cavities, especially if we don't watch our diet because some food and drinks are more harmful to our teeth than others. Let's go over them to see which ones you need to limit or avoid altogether. Remember, prevention is better than a cure.

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Food and Drinks You Should Avoid or Limit 

Sugary Treats 

Candy is made up of mostly sugar, so it's no surprise that it's arguably the number one enemy of our teeth. Furthermore, most forms of candy like lollipops, gummy bears, and hard candies stay longer, increasing the chances of getting cavities. Other sugar-filled desserts are cookies, ice cream, cakes, and pies, and you would do well to avoid them. Chocolate is better if you really have that sweet craving because it melts fast and is easily washed off. 


Surprised? Bread contains starches broken down into sugar by our saliva and sticks between our teeth as we chew. If you need your carbohydrates, a better alternative is wheat bread which contains fewer sugars.

Carbonated Drinks 

You may think that sugar-free soft drinks are healthier because of the "no sugar" label, but they still contain acid, leading to a lot of cavities and dental erosion. A better option would be unsweetened tea or water. But if you really crave a cold soda, remember not to brush your teeth immediately after because the acids soften your teeth's enamel, and brushing them in that state would quicken the decay process. 


The pickling process involves vinegar, which contains acid. Furthermore, it not only attacks your teeth's enamel but can also cause staining. Sugar is also present in pickled food.

Citrus Fruits 

Fruits are essential in maintaining a well-balanced diet, but keep in mind that citrus fruits are highly acidic and should be consumed in moderation. Try mixing your fruit diet with apples and bananas. Also, remember to wash down with water after consuming citrus fruits to lessen the exposure of your teeth to the acids.

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Keep an Implant Dentist in San Antonio Away by Protecting Your Teeth 

Sugar and acid are two words that make your teeth chatter in fear. Thus, the next time you're at the grocery store, consider if what you're buying is good or bad for your smile before needing to have your teeth fixed. Knowing the type of foods and drinks to avoid to keep your teeth healthy is key to avoiding the pain and hassle of tooth decay. 

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