Who Can Get Hybridge Dental Implants?

By: Dr. Carolyn B. Walker


There are many reasons you may need to replace all of your teeth in your upper, lower, or full jaw. However, you may not know the best method to do this. Hybridge dental implants help you to achieve this goal while keeping your oral health intact. Dr. Carolyn Walker can help you determine if this may be a good option for you. Schedule a consultation with Leon Springs Dental Center in San Antonio, TX today. 


What are hybridge dental implants? 


Hybridge dental implants are dental implants that are designed to replace all of the teeth in your upper, lower, or full jaw. These implants will seamlessly replace your current teeth or restoration to give you better health, function, and aesthetic appearance in your smile. These implants are made of either titanium or zirconium to provide long-lasting support throughout your life. Hybridge dental implants are ideal for men and women who want a permanent fix to their dental issues, or those who are struggling with traditional dentures. These dental implants are great for those who have issues such as:  

  •  Bone loss  
  •  Decayed teeth  
  •  One to several missing teeth  
  •  Other dental issues  


Hybridge dental implants can help to treat complex dental problems you may be experiencing. Dr. Walker can help answer questions you may have about these dental implants. These dental implants are placed into your jawbone to fuse into the bone. This implant will then act as a tooth root to attach the bridge to. 


What should I know about hybridge dental implants? 


Hybridge dental implants are made to look natural and like normal teeth. These implants should be cleaned just like normal teeth, and it is incredibly important that you have a good oral hygiene routine. This routine should include:  

  •  Brushing at least twice daily  
  •  Flossing  
  •  Using mouthwash  
  •  Attending dental exams and cleanings twice a year  


Hybridge dental implants are also custom-made to fit your mouth, so they should be secure, snug, and comfortable. Dr. Walker is experienced in placing hybridge dental implants. These dental implants give you the freedom to eat and drink what you love without fear of your restorations falling out. 


How can I benefit from hybridge dental implants? 


There are many benefits when you decide to get hybridge dental implants. Besides your smile looking and being healthy, you can also count on benefits such as:  

  •  These dental implants are incredibly long-lasting. Many restorations need to be replaced eventually, but if you care for your hybridge dental implants, they could last for the rest of your lifetime.  
  •  Hybridge dental implants can also help to improve your oral and dental health by improving your overall health and the function of your mouth.  
  •  Dental implants will not move as you speak, so you do not have to worry about any speech issues with these restorations.  


Where can I get hybridge dental implants in San Antonio, TX? 

Hybridge dental implants are for almost anyone who wants to begin the process of improving their dental issues. These can include a wide variety of issues ranging from bone loss to tooth decay. Dr. Carolyn Walker can help guide you through this process of finding the best plan for your goals and needs. Contact Leon Springs Dental Center in San Antonio, TX today for a full consultation on the overall state of your oral and dental health.

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